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Which Yoga Pose Is Best for Weight Loss in Pregnancy?

Pregnancy might be one of the best phases in any women’s life, but nobody can deny the fact that all the stresses and strains that it puts in any women’s body are immense. Many women have to struggle to carry out ordinary day to day activities after delivering the baby as their body still recovers from all the rigours of labour and pregnancy. 

Yoga is highly beneficial and can assist in recovering from all the effects of childbirth very smoothly. Look at some of the major benefits of doing yoga after pregnancy. A yoga school in Rishikesh helps in learning all these poses:

  • Easy recovering from the postnatal phase: A woman’s body undergoes many changes at the time of pregnancy. These changes lead to a lot of stress in every part of your body. In addition, the whole process of carrying a baby and then giving birth is very painful. After a normal delivery, practicing yoga is one of the best ways for gradually soothing the body strain that the body endures because of pregnancy.
  • Helps in losing weight: Every woman puts on some weight during pregnancy. The need for taking in more than normal nutrients and the requirement of carrying an extra baby weight leads to weight gain in any pregnant woman. The problem arises after delivery when there is no requirement for excess weight. Losing pose delivery weight is not easy, but practicing yoga helps in yielding the best results for losing post-pregnancy weight.
  • High endurance: A lot of women experience extreme weakness pose delivery. Symptoms include stamina loss, muscle and joint pain, and some chronic exhaustion. Yoga helps in gently and gradually exercising the muscles besides giving a boost to strength and stamina.
  • Regaining posture: Nine months of pregnancy and infant care after birth will throw the normal body posture of any woman out of sync. The process of moving around with a baby becomes very stressful on your spine. Nursing them and consistently lifting the little one after delivery puts some added stress on your neck and shoulder. Yoga helps strengthen all-important muscles and joints and can assist women in achieving a better posture.
  • Benefits psychologically: Yoga focus on deep breathing, relaxing and stretching your body. The amalgamation of various movements and breathing enhances blood circulation and also oxygenates your whole body simultaneously. So, because of this, yoga induces a step of deep relaxation, decreasing stress and also calming your mind and body.

Here is some yoga pose that helps in losing weight after delivery taught in 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh:

Cobra pose

It is highly effective in losing weight post-pregnancy. It also assists new moms in dealing with back pain that they experience after delivery. In addition, this basic yoga pose helps tone your buttocks, arms, and abdomen. You can practice this pose about 5 – 10 times a day.

What to do?

  • At first, lay down on your stomach and keep your palms on both sides of your chest.
  • Inhale and then lift yourself by utilizing your arms.
  • Hold on to this pose for about a minute and practice deep breathing.
  • Bring yourself back gradually.
  1. Bow pose

Other than increasing weight, pregnant women often suffer from digestive problems after delivery. Because core loses strength pose delivery, it should be restored to overall health. Bow pose helps in conditioning your core in less time and in getting back your tight stomach. 

How to do it?

  • Lay down on your stomach and band your knees while holding them with your hands.
  • Start inhaling while you lift your head, and then maintain this pose for some seconds.
  • Return to your original position while you exhale.
  1. Tiger pose

This is a simple yoga asana and is a blessing for all new moms. Practising this pose helps new moms lose some weight tightening the thigh and abdomen muscles. It also has a rejuvenating effect on female sexual organs. This yoga pose is good for the post-pregnancy body.

How to do it?

  • Get on your knees and hands. Raise one of your knees and bring it towards your chest while bending down your head.
  • Hold on to this position for about a few seconds, and then swing your raised knee backward to stretch your legs and then raise your head.
  • Repeat this with your other leg.
  1. Triangle pose

It is one of the easy and efficient poses for losing weight after delivery. It decreases fat from your hips and waist. It also assists in toning your hamstrings. Besides helping in weight loss, it keeps all new mothers calm.

How to do it?

  • Stand by keeping your feet at a distance of 3 feet apart. Breathe in and take your arms to the level of your shoulder.
  • Exhale and then bend sideward by touching the hand as well as the foot of the same side.
  • Lie down low and then do some deep breathing before repeating the whole process on the other side.
  1. Half-tortoise pose

It is a pose that allows you to lose weight while lying down in the bed. This is a pose that assists to tone glutes and your lower back. This is a pose that stretches the major muscles of your lower body and makes weight loss very easy.

How to do it?

  • Sit down on your knees and then bend to allow your hips to rest on heels.
  • Start inhaling, and then raise your arms. Join them and bend down at the waist while exhaling.
  • Try your head to the ground. Try to breathe in before coming up again.

Camel pose

This pose takes care of your flabby stomach that arises after pregnancy. It also helps in taking good care of your arms and also chest. This pose assists in removing the tension from your lower back and treats issues like spondylitis, thyroid, and parathyroid.

How to do it?

  • Kneel by keeping your knees a little apart from each other. Keep your feet flat on the ground.
  • Keep your hands on hips and then start bending slowly while you inhale? Try to hold on to your feet with your hands.
  • Hold on to this position for a few seconds and then repeat it a couple of times.
  • Kneel with your knee a little apart from each other. Rest your feet flat on the ground.
  • Place your hands on your hips and slowly bend more, inhaling. Then, try to hold your feet in your hands.
  • Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat it a couple of times.

While the above yoga poses taught in a 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh is helpful in losing post-partum weight, there are some that you need to avoid. Know which yoga pose you should avoid:

To prohibit abdominal separation called diastasis recti, never do crunches or deep twists after delivery. It would help if you avoided all exercises that build up abdominal pressures or stretch your abdomen like any wheel pose or any backward bends. While doing yoga, ensure to hold on to your core muscles very tightly and never overstretch your stomach. While trying to strengthen, try to avoid overstretching.

Also, be careful about the yoga pose where your belly will face downward because of gravitational pull or any poses that stretch your midline.

Here are certain yoga poses that you need to avoid post-delivery:

  • Cat pose
  • Malasana
  • Cow pose
  • Plank pose
  • Hanumanasana
  • Revolved triangle pose


Finding out time for yourself when you are a new mother is quite difficult. Going gym is also not possible as your baby needs you every second. These yoga poses to assist you in losing with very easily without disturbing your baby.

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