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Unbeatable Tips for Playing Bau Cua Tom Ca Online at 789BET

Bau crab, shrimp and fish online is a green nine reward game that is very popular at Nhà Cái 789BET. The basic gameplay is similar to the traditional version, so players can easily join right away. However, if you want to win when participating in this game, you need to apply some of the following tips.

What is the online game Bau Cua Tom Ca?

Bau Cua Tom Ca is a traditional casino game that has existed in Vietnam since ancient times. It is often played a lot on holidays when Tet comes and spring comes. Today, with the development of modern technology, game production units have “4.0ized” this game, allowing players to participate in the experience anytime, anywhere on the online platform.

Currently, online crab shrimp and fish election is also available at bookmaker 789BET, attracting a large number of people to participate in the experience. Basically, the gameplay remains the same as the traditional version.

Rules for playing Bau Cua Tom Ca online at 789BET

This game uses 3 6-sided dice. Each side of the dice will be engraved or printed with images of animals: gourd, crab, shrimp, fish, deer, chicken. The player’s task is to bet on animals that have a high chance of appearing after opening the bowl. If the player’s prediction matches the result given by the house, you will win and receive the bet amount corresponding to that bet.

An online crab, shrimp and fish betting game at 789BET will take place in the following specific order:

  • At the betting table, the dealer will roll the dice.
  • The player will then have 20 seconds to place a bet. During those 20 seconds, you must predict which mascot will appear on the face of the 3 dice after opening the bowl as well as place a chip bet with the corresponding bonus level. Currently, the house has many different bet levels for players to choose from, from low to high. You can bet accordingly based on the amount of capital you have.
  • After placing a bet, you want to cancel the bet but there is still 20 seconds left. You can cancel the bet you just set and choose to bet again very easily, it’s not difficult at all.
  • Next, the dealer will open the bet and declare the result when the system closes the bet. You have 3 more seconds to review the results, calculate and prepare to deposit money for the next bet. If you predict correctly and win, the bonus will immediately be added to your account.

Why is online crab shrimp fish at 789BET popular?

Currently, every day there are thousands of people participating in playing Bau Cua Tom Ca at bookmaker 789BET, this number is also continuously increasing rapidly. This is completely understandable because this game possesses the following notable advantages:

Can be played anytime, anywhere

In the past, when playing Bau Cua Tom Ca in the traditional style, we had to gather enough people and prepare all the tools to be able to “set up a pit”. Now with online play at 789BET, you can experience it anytime, anywhere. As long as you have a phone or computer connected to the internet, you can play the game immediately, extremely convenient.

Safe and reputable playground

Currently in Vietnam, we still strictly prohibit money betting activities, including crab, shrimp and fish. So if you play in the traditional style, you can easily encounter legal problems if discovered. But with online play at 789BET, you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Bookmaker 789BET has been legally registered and licensed to operate by the IOM special economic zone, and is legally protected. Therefore, you can feel secure when participating in the online crab, shrimp and fish election experience here.

Besides, bookmaker 789BET also applies a strict security mechanism. All players’ personal information and betting information are guaranteed to be safe, will not be leaked and are difficult for anyone to hack.

No betting limits

Another reason why Bau Cua Tom Ca is loved by many people is the unlimited betting amount. Whether you have a small betting capital or a large capital, you can participate. In particular, the house does not limit the number of bets or betting odds. You can choose the amount of money to bet according to your capital.

Fast payout, quick payment

Coming to Bau Cua Tom Ca online at 789BET, players also feel satisfied with the extremely fast payout and payout speed here. Just predict the exact result of the bet, you will have the bonus added to your account immediately. At the same time, you can withdraw money to your bank account in just minutes.

Currently, the house also supports players to deposit and withdraw money using many different methods such as: Through online banking, through e-wallets, and phone cards. If you see any suitable option, choose it.

Many attractive incentives for members

In addition to great incentives that are common to all games such as: Deposit incentives, bet refund incentives… When participating in Bau Cua Tom Ca online at 789BET, players also have the opportunity to receive incentives. from reward event programs. You can take advantage of this opportunity to effectively increase your asset value.

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Tips for playing Bau Cua Tom Ca unbeaten online from experts

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It is a game that depends heavily on luck to determine victory or defeat. However, you can completely increase your chances of winning by applying some of the following tips:

Technique for memorizing the positions of the sides of the dice

This is the secret to playing Bau Cua Tom Ca online that many people apply and succeed. Accordingly, you can remember and use the elimination method to find the dice face that has a high chance of appearing:

  • The chicken is positioned facing the deer, the shrimp is facing the fish, and the gourd is facing the crab.
  • In addition, fish, deer, shrimp, and crabs can be found near the location of the gourd.

Follow people who are having good luck

With this way of playing, you observe which player is having a series of consecutive wins of 5 – 10 matches, then follow that person. Maybe they are experienced players, or maybe they are having good luck. Betting on them will help you increase your chances of winning.

Use the strategy of raising troops and playing urgently

Raising troops is also a way to play Bau Cua Tom Ca online that many people use. Accordingly, you will only raise one pair until you win. If the previous bet is lost, in the next bet you double the bet amount and continue to bet on that side. Just like that, when you win the bet, you return to your original capital to continue playing.

This method not only helps you not lose capital but still ensures profit. However, to apply this strategy of raising troops and playing urgently, you must have a large enough capital on hand, otherwise you will burn your account like playing.

Those are interesting information about online crab, shrimp and fish that 789BET wants to share with you. Don’t stand on the sidelines anymore, create an account and join the experience now. I firmly believe that if you know how to manage your capital properly and have a wise strategy, you can win big after just a few bets.

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