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Primary Healthcare by HealthTap

HealthTap is a premier virtual Primary healthcare provider that offers top-quality care to Americans of all ages, regardless of insurance status.

Primary healthcare is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle and helps to prevent medical emergencies or complications from treatable diseases. It also promotes wellness and reduces the cost of unnecessary care.

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Getting Started

Effective primary care is essential for avoiding medical emergencies, managing chronic health conditions and taking prescription medication properly. Not only does it save money on healthcare expenses but it also improves quality of life.

With HealthTap Primary Healthcare, you can select your doctor and book regular appointments online. You’ll build a long-lasting relationship with your provider as they assist in managing any ongoing health concerns, writing prescriptions, ordering lab work or referring you to specialists when necessary.

HealthTap makes affordable virtual healthcare accessible to everyone. It provides trusted advice from real doctors at the first moment of concern, triages patients and treats them quickly – with wait times of just one minute or less across all ages and specialties.

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Managing Your Health

HealthTap provides a suite of tools to assist patients in managing their healthcare and avoiding diseases. These include pre-made checklists for medication administration as well as personalized checklists from doctors.

The company provides a personal health record that stores data about a patient’s medical history. This helps doctors get a better grasp of their patient’s requirements.

As a member, you’ll have access to over 90,000 U.S.-based doctors across 147 specialties. Each physician has gone through an intensive verification process and demonstrates commitment to quality care.

The company’s Basic plan costs $10 per month, while the Prime plan costs $15 monthly and offers unlimited online appointments, free texting with your doctor, and $39 video consultations with a qualified physician for only $39!

Managing Your Prescriptions

HealthTap Prime members enjoy discounts on prescriptions written by their personal care doctor, which can be used at any pharmacy. This discount service, powered by ScriptHero, makes managing ongoing medication needs much simpler and efficient for consumers.

Telehealth company with 90,000 U.S. doctors on board who answer health queries and offer a range of services such as video consultations, lab tests, prescription writing/refills. Plus there’s an AI-powered symptom checker and free library of questions answered by doctors – all available through the platform for all to use at no cost!

Patients have two plans, Basic and Prime, both costing $15 per month. Both enable them to text with their personal doctor, book $39 video appointments for $39 each, or request urgent care video visits with the first available clinic doctor for $59 (or their insurance copay) at no additional charge.

Managing Your Mental Health

Primary healthcare with HealthTap is a platform that connects you to board-certified physicians in your vicinity. Each doctor has been verified by HealthTap, going through an extensive verification process in order to guarantee they can provide quality care.

This network of doctors is present in every state in America and its members serve tens of millions of patients.

HealthTap provides primary care, urgent care and behavioral health services in addition to primary care. These include free mental health assessments and treatment options from a network of therapists, including medication management.

Its app makes booking appointments, requesting refills and messaging your doctor effortless–all from the convenience of your smartphone. Furthermore, it offers a library of questions and answers as well as access to doctors’ profiles for easy reference.

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