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Crypto Trading Apps By KuCoin

One of the best crypto exchanges is kukoin, whose headquarter is situated in Seychelles and was established in 2017. KuCoin is also known as “People’s Exchange,” the reason being KuCoin’s remarkable performance and features it allows its users, whether in terms of customer services which provides aid in many languages, thus abolishing the language barrier. Or offering many coins to select from, such as PolkaDot, Aave, and Terra Classic, being considered the best Crypto Exchange and apps by the Ascent, or offering minimal trading fees than other exchanges make Ku Coin fantastic. 

How To Trade In KuCoin

Before proceeding towards the steps of how to trade, let’s first get the idea of what trading means? Trading means exchanging one cryptocurrency for another, buying and selling coins, and exchanging fiat money into crypto. It has some of the characteristics of foreign exchange (forex), where fiat currencies from across the globe are traded non-stop daily.

Numerous cryptocurrencies have emerged in the last few years. And among them, Bitcoin and Ethereum are considered significant cryptocurrencies. 

How To Trade With KuCoin

KuCoin is easy to use, and if the user is a beginner, it won’t be challenging. KuCoin uses an advanced core trading engine to handle millions of transactions per second (TPS). 

The most important feature of trading that KuCoin allows is spot trading. So, what is Spot trading? Spot trading is when investors buy a good or service at its current market price, and the payment and delivery of that happen immediately. In KuCoin Exchange, users can exchange over 200 tokens and cryptocurrencies with reasonably low fees. So for Spot trading, the user must go to KuCoin.com, click on the Trade tab, then click Spot Trading. As KuCoin offers many coins, such as Stable Coins USD), Bitcoin (BTC), KuCoin Token KCS, USTC, and a different kinds of Altcoins ETH, TRX, and many more. So the users can select the coin pairs to trade. Enter the password will be the next step to trade and choose the type of order, enter your order details such as price and amount, then click the Buy or Sell button.

Futures Trading 

Future trading is another trading launched by KuCoin. Initially, it was known as KuMEX. This future trading allows the users to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Tether (USDT) bounded with up to 100x leverage. Thus, the user can trade up to USD 10,000 worth of contracts with just USD 100 in the account.

Margin trading is another feature of KuCoin. In Margin trading, borrowing funds from an exchange and using them to make a trade is made. Unlike KuCoin Futures, margin trading occurs directly on the spot exchange, where the user can select margin trading markets and place margin trading orders on the deal.


Thus, KuCoin is a robust and beginner-friendly exchange with unique features. One of the features is that KuCoin has a convenient mobile app available on Android and iOS mobile devices, so one can even use it when a person is traveling without an issue. Kucoin has also revealed about the crypto social trading app that would give numerous benefits and not trading. 

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